Regulations for individuals renting equipment


Centrum Turystyki Aktywnej Kajaki 4u &

  • Each borrower held responsibility for rented equipment and any damage to it and is obliged to repair or cover repair expenses.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult who is fully responsible for supervision and any damage caused by them
  • Each borrower need to have safety vest and do not remove it while on the water.
  • Individuals renting the equipment need to have accident insurance, insurance is not included in rental charge.
  • Each borrower confirm in writing the quantity of collected equipment, thereby confirming their responsibility for it.

Final provisions

  • We do not bear responsibility for the behavior of participants, in particular for damages done to other persons or companies.
  • We do not bear responsibility for personal injuries, loss of health or death of participants.
  • We do not bear responsibility for damages to vehicles left on our grand caused by bad weather conditions.
  • Canoeing trip ending dates, places and time, earlier than fixed before, must be accepted by us and may be implemented only on our terms.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to release the equipment to participant under influence of alcohol without refund. If we notice the participant is drunk along the way, he or she ends the canoe trail in the same place where it was noticed. Drunken participant bears all the expenses associated with transportation to the base.
  • Each borrower bears responsibility for rented equipment. I the event of loss or destruction of paddles, vests or the canoe the borrower bears financial responsibility up to the value of the equipment.
  • Rental according to the price list. Final cost depends on quantity of rented canoes, number of days and any transportation costs of people or equipment.
  • Booking fee is 30 % of expected costs. In the event of cancelation of the contract within 14 days before start date, the fee is not refundable.
  • Any dispute arising in connection with a contract for services in the first instance will be settling amicably. Booking in any form means acceptance of the above conditions.

General rules that need to be followed during the trip on the border river.

  • Each canoe trip should be reported to competent branch of border patrol for at least 2 hours before start.
  • Any changes to the plan should be reported to the nearest border patrol.
  • You should always go on the left side of the river and do not exceed main stream which forms the boundary line.
  • Canoe trips on the boundary waters are possible only during the day (half an hour after sunrise it should be started and half an hour before sunset should be completed).
  • It is prohibited to swim in the boundary river during the trip and also during the stops.


In case of canoe rental we are not “canoe trip organizer”, which means that we do not provide instructor, lifeguards and insurance. The responsibility of right process of canoe trip, team selection, setting flowage order, taking care of safety, preserving sobriety, wearing safety vests rests on borrowers.